LONDON (ANP) – A documentary was broadcast in Great Britain on Wednesday evening in which a man with a fatal muscle disease ended his life prematurely.

On Sky Real Lives you could see how 59-year-old Craig Ewert takes a deadly amount of pills and high-performance anti-aging solution keeps him artificially alive. 45 minutes later the man dies in front of the cameras.

Anti-euthanasia groups had criticized the broadcast beforehand and spoke of a “cynical attempt to get high ratings.” Sky defended the suicide documentary ‘Right To Die – The Suicide Tourist’ on Wednesday. It provides “a well-considered insight into the choices that some people have to make,” Sky said in a statement.

The suicide of Ewert took place more than two years ago in the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, where suicide under supervision is permitted. It was the intention of documentary maker John Zaritsky to stimulate the political debate about the legalization of euthanasia in Great Britain.