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Qualifications of authors and reviewers on this website.

Authors and reviewers of health content at Reviewlyze:

  • are family physicians or professional writers, editors, or producers
  • have relevant experience in developing or reviewing health content for patients
  • are knowledgeable about the best available evidence-based medicine, in addition to policies and clinical practice guidelines

Disclaimer of Liability

The content is created by family doctors or professional writers, editors or producers who have relevant experience in developing health content for patients. The source of this content is the policies and clinical practice guidelines, other prestigious clinical publications, medical specialty societies, and government agencies.

A review panel composed of family physicians reviews the writing to make sure the information:
is medically accurate, comprehensive, and useful conforms to the best available evidence-based medicine in addition to the policies and clinical practice guidelines express a family medicine perspective. A health education expert reviews the content to ensure that the literacy level is appropriate so that a wide range of patients can understand the information.