The treatment starts with an intake of 90 minutes, after 4-6 weeks we plan a follow-up appointment. During the intake interview we will look together at all factors that can influence the symptoms and/or the clinical picture. The diet forms the basis, but also factors such as your sleeping pattern, possible presence of stress, degree of movement or other environmental factors are discussed. We will […]

Balanced Body

Nutrition plays a central role because it has to provide the substances that control the functioning of the body, provided that the right nutrients are present in the diet. Both the right nutritional advice and (temporary) intake of (certain) nutrients in the form of food supplements, like antioxidants can ensure that the body regains its basis to function as it should. This is often combined […]

Healthy diet

Good nutrition is an important basis for staying healthy. On the contrary, an incorrect diet can have a disruptive effect. There may also be other factors that disrupt the natural functioning of the body. This can result in all kinds of complaints. The interaction between the body and various environmental factors, where nutrition is one of them, but also, for example, movement, the sleeping pattern […]